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Enjoying Your iPod Shuffle Everywhere

The leading iPod shuffle dock in the market today is Griffin Technology's Dock Shuffle. This iPod shuffle dock allows users to dock their 2nd generation iPod shuffle in a number of universal docking devices such as the Tango and Luna speakers from Xtreme Mac as well as the Apple hi-fi.

The Griffin Technology Dock Shuffle adapter will let you play your 2nd generation iPod shuffle in any place where there are existing Universal Dock speakers. The retail price for Griffin's shuffle dock is about $20.00.

This iPod shuffle dock makes it possible for any 2nd generation iPod shuffle to have access to any docking compatible iPod speaker systems.

The Dock shuffle adapter is specifically designed to let iPod shuffle users access their different speaker systems at home, speaker systems which in the past could only be used with full size iPod docking models. Reviews of this product call it the "missing link that connects the universal docking devices and the 2nd generation iPod shuffle."

It is conveniently small enough to be stored in any iPod shuffle accessory bags and cases. The main feature of this iPod shuffle dock is that it is very easy to use and operate. The simple process only requires the user to put the docking adapter into the dock slot or bay of the user's speaker system and then slip in the iPod shuffle in the adapter and it will sync with the speaker system to play the iPod shuffle's contents.

Shuffle docks have two primary modes of operation, first is the Sync and Charge feature which allows for automatic charging of your iPod shuffle while docked on the shuffle dock slot and the other is the Audio Play mode used to play and connect your iPod shuffles audio files into the existing speaker system where it was synced and connected into.

Compared with other iPod shuffle dock in the market, Griffin's shuffle dock is made in just the right size so that it is not too small and not too big but the perfect size to be a docking station for your iPod shuffle.

Some of the features of Dock shuffle include a slider switch that operates the charge and sync and play-audio modes of the iPod. The sync-charge mode allows the docking adapter for data transfers and iTunes library synchronization from and to the docked iPod shuffle while it automatically charges the battery at the same time.

Users may then switch over to the audio mode in order to start the connection of the iPod shuffle into the home speaker system. The docking adapter is specifically engineered and designed to work with the Apple universal docking bays.

This is truly a welcome development for iPod shuffle users who have been waiting for a reliable iPod shuffle docking device for a long time. Griffin's Shuffle Dock provides all the answers. It is absolutely necessary in taking advantage of the power of your 2nd generation iPod shuffle and allows you to be able to use it with other speaker systems at home, at the office or anywhere else.